About Yoriko | 自己紹介

Yoga teacher | Translator | Health & Business Consultant

Yoriko completed the Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Course first held by Ken Harakuma.
Later, she studied Buddhism and counseling from a nun teacher. After studying Zen and yoga from the Master who runs the Zen Yoga research Institute, she has been involved in yoga activities at educational institutions and in the community. She is committed to promoting sound yoga and continues to bring the ancient wisdom of yoga and meditation in a form that is necessary for the modern age.

Born in Tokyo, she became familiar with Global cultures and English in her late teens. After dropping out of university, she traveled to several countries while help start up business to setting up a share house, working as an international telephone operator, interpreter and translator. She has also worked for both Japanese and foreign-affiliated companies. She is working as freelancer to support Business development in Japan.

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