For about 15 years, Narita Yoga has been dedicated to promoting yoga to the Narita area of Chiba Prefecture. Our mission has been to help individuals improve their mental and physical health through yoga practice and empower them to live creatively according to their own potential. Our programs vary from community-based classes, family education classes, beginner classes to advanced teacher training courses and workshops conducted by invited instructors. We believe in practicing yoga that is tailored to an individual’s lifestyle and body condition, instead of rigid rules and forms.

Our aim is to help individuals from all ages and genders incorporate the essence of yoga into their habits, lifestyles, and values. We value diversity and create a safe space where individuals can ask questions and express themselves.

In addition to in-person classes, Narita Yoga also offers online classes, workshops, and on-site yoga services for corporations, government agencies, and educational institutions. Our establishment has trained many instructors who have gone on to promote yoga in their unique ways.